Everyone thinks you’re the bad guy, but we know how crucial you are to the industry.

We can help you secure better deals for you and your clients. We can free you from all those problems that aren’t your problems.

What can we do for you?


Contract Models

Drafting and/or adapting your representation contract model to FIFA’s new Agent Regulations

Collaboration Agreements

Drafting and reviewing collaboration agreements with other agents and specific representation authorisations

Player Transfers

Comprehensive advice on national and international transfer operations (negotiation, drafting, and review of transfer and/or employment contracts, tax planning, etc.)

Sponsoship and Merchandising

Drafting, review, and negotiation of sponsorship and merchandising contracts



in applying for the license and ongoing compliance with obligations required by FIFA’s new Agent Regulations


and handling recurring inquiries about sports and labor regulations

Regular Updating

on regulatory developments and decisions from national and international tribunals


Advice and Defence

before ordinary courts and in arbitration proceedings before FIFA and CAS in disputes against clubs, clients and other agents for contractual breaches: non-payment of fees, breach of the exclusivity clause, player theft, disciplinary matters, etc.

Focus on your work, we take care of the rest.

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