The overwhelming regulatory landscape you face can be exhausting. The rules to comply with keep increasing, leaving less time to focus on what truly matters: THE GAME ITSELF.

Moreover, the complexity of operations and disputes continues to grow. Having highly specialized advice isn’t optional; it’s your only choice.

Don’t lose in the offices what you win on the field.

What can we do for you?


Advice on the drafting, negotion and signing of the main contracts in the Club’s daily operations


On the drafting, negotion and signing of the main contracts in the Club’s daily operations

Employment contracts

for players and coaching staff.

Amateur or training contracts

For every kind of stuff.

Transfer Contracts

Temporary or permanent. National or international.

Representation Contracts with Agents

both national and international.

Sponsorship Contracts

With enterprises and other entities.

Tax Planning

For international player transfers



on the use of the Transfer Matching System (TMS)

Regular Attention to Inquiries

about sports and labour regulations

Reviews of Amounts

to be received as training compensation and solidarity contribution (Clearing House)


Advice on international transfers of minors

Licensing and rules

UEFA license procedure and compliance with Financial Fair Play rules

Regular updates

on regulatory developments and court decisions, both national and international


Legal defense against any dispute

Defence in any disputes before Ordinary Courts of Justice, Dispute Resolution Chambers, and national and/or FIFA Disciplinary Committees, as well as in arbitration proceedings (TAF, TAD, TAS/CAS) in the following matters:

  • Claims for breach of contract
  • Dismissals and other employment matters
  • Contractual stability
  • Claims against agents
  • Disciplinary proceedings

Defense against disciplinary sanctions

imposed on players and/or coaching staff

Defense against complaints

from LaLiga, RFEF or Anti-Violence Commission for infringements of Law 19/2007 against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport

Your Club's defense will be in the best hands

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